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          Over the last 10 years, nylon mil-straps went from a fun oddity for enthusiasts to a staple in every watch collector’s arsenal of straps. Casual, stylish, durable, washable, breathable - they are a perfect complement to a variety of watch types year-round, but especially great in the warmer months. Well, while most brands have continued to make the same old thing, our friends over at Crown & Buckle have continued to design and develop new materials for straps, and recently created the incredible Matte Supreme.

          A proprietary fabric, it is woven from non-reflective nylon fibers in a heavy pattern, giving it a canvas-like look. Soft, supple, they are unlike any other nylon strap you’ve tried, having a truly luxurious look and feel. They are also beautifully made and detailed with fully stitched tails to prevent fraying, perfect ultrasonic cut holes, and machined 316L steel hardware.

          Available in gorgeous solids like Olive Jade, Greige, and Space Blue, but also unique melanges like Tundra and Shadow, which randomly mix different color threads to create an overall palette, there is a color to suit any watch. Available in 19mm, 20mm, and 22mm.


          • Nylon: Space Blue
          • Hardware: Brushed 316L Stainless Steel
          • Length: 285mm / 11.22in
          • Thickness: 1.2mm - 1.3mm / .047in - .05in